WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Korean Journal of Epidemiology> 1999> 21> 2

Volume: 21 Issue: 2

1. The Dose-response Relationship between Amount of Cigarette Smoking and Blood Lipids and Sugar. Page:195—204
2. An Epidemiologic Investigation on the Mode of Transmission of the Lethal Salmonellosis Outbreak in Hamyang County. Page:185—194
3. A Study of Major Gene Dominant Family for Factor VII Concentration: Segregation Analysis. Page:176—184
4. Development of Lipoma among Residents Exposed to Glass Fiber Waste. Page:159—175
5. Factors Related to Health Behaviors of the People in an Urban Community: Based on the Health Belief Model. Page:151—158
6. Incorrect Disease Coding in Medical Insurance Claims and the Effect of Official Intervention: Based on Medical Insurance Claims of 6 Notifiable Acute Communicable Diseases. Page:142—150
7. The Epidemiological Characteristics of a Shigellosis Outbreak (1998) in Wonju City, Kangwon-Do. Page:131—141
8. The Relationships between Calcium Intake and Bone Mineral Density in Korean Postmenopausal Women. Page:119—130
9. Occupational Cancer Surveillance System Using Data Linkage Analysis in Korea. Page:276—282
10. The Usefulness of the Secondary Database for Occupational Asthma Surveillance System in Korea. Page:266—275
11. Obesity and Physical Activity Related to Colorectal Adenoma by Anatomic Sites in Korea. Page:254—265
12. A Review Study on Confounding Effect: Case-control Study. Page:248—253
13. A Population-Based Case-Control Study on the Risk Factors of Congenital Heart Malformations. Page:234—247
14. Characteristics of Shigella sonnei Isolated in Kyungsangbuk-do in 1998: Biochemical Characteristics, Biotyping, Antibiotic Resistance Pattern, and Plasmid Profile. Page:227—233
15. Isolation and Identification of Respiratory Disease Virus in Pusan, 1998-1999. Page:220—226
16. Preventive Efficacy of Influenza Vaccination against to Influenza-like Illness among Eldery. Page:205—219