WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Journal of Veterinary Science> 2007> 8> 4

Volume: 8 Issue: 4

1. Changes of biomarkers with oral exposure to benzo(a)pyrene, phenanthrene and pyrene in rats. Page:361—368
2. Disposition kinetics and dosage regimen of levofloxacin on concomitant administration with paracetamol in crossbred calves. Page:357—360
3. Clinical pharmacokinetics of norfloxacin-glycine acetate after intravenous and oral administration in pigs. Page:353—356
4. Phytotherapeutic effects of Echinacea purpurea in gamma-irradiated mice. Page:341—351
5. Relative biological effectiveness of fast neutrons for apoptosis in mouse hair follicles. Page:335—340
6. Immunolocalization of anion exchanger 1 (Band 3) in the renal collecting duct of the common marmoset. Page:329—333
7. Increased phosphorylation of caveolin-1 in the spinal cord of irradiated rats. Page:323—327
8. Collaborative control initiatives targeting zoonotic agents of alveolar echinococcosis in the northern hemisphere. Page:313—321
9. A Gartner duct cyst of the vagina causing dysuria and dyschezia in a Yorkshire Terrier. Page:427—429
10. Mammary fibroadenoma in a lamb. Page:423—425
11. Autologous somatic cell nuclear transfer in pigs using recipient oocytes and donor cells from the same animal. Page:415—421
12. The determination of dark adaptation time using electroretinography in conscious Miniature Schnauzer dogs. Page:409—414
13. Sequence analysis of the S1 glycoprotein gene of infectious bronchitis viruses: identification of a novel phylogenetic group in Korea. Page:401—407
14. Comparison of different bronchial closure techniques following pneumonectomy in dogs. Page:393—399
15. Enhancement of protective immune responses by oral vaccination with Saccharomyces cerevisiae expressing recombinant Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae ApxIA or ApxIIA in mice. Page:383—392
16. Enhanced tyrosine hydroxylase expression in PC12 cells co-cultured with feline mesenchymal stem cells. Page:377—382
17. Canine model of ischemic stroke with permanent middle cerebral artery occlusion: clinical and histopathological findings. Page:369—376