WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Journal of Veterinary Science> 2011> 12> 3

Volume: 12 Issue: 3

1. Common allergens of atopic dermatitis in dogs: comparative findings based on intradermal tests. Page:287—290
2. Sedative and analgesic effects of intravenous xylazine and tramadol on horses. Page:281—286
3. Biomarkers for identifying the early phases of osteoarthritis secondary to medial patellar luxation in dogs. Page:273—280
4. Transmission electron microscopy for characterization of acrosomal damage after Percoll gradient centrifugation of cryopreserved bovine spermatozoa. Page:267—272
5. Influence of nitric oxide on in vitro growth, survival, steroidogenesis, and apoptosis of follicle stimulating hormone stimulated buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) preantral follicles. Page:257—265
6. Relationship among blood indicators of lipomobilization and hepatic function during early lactation in high-yielding dairy cows. Page:251—255
7. Evaluation of glycoproteins purified from adult and larval camel ticks (Hyalomma dromedarii) as a candidate vaccine. Page:243—249
8. The critical time of avian leukosis virus subgroup J-mediated immunosuppression during early stage infection in specific pathogen-free chickens. Page:235—241
9. Risk factors associated with bacteriological cure, new infection, and incidence of clinical mastitis after dry cow therapy with three different antibiotics. Page:227—233
10. Determination of staphylococcal exotoxins, SCCmec types, and genetic relatedness of Staphylococcus intermedius group isolates from veterinary staff, companion animals, and hospital environments in Korea. Page:221—226
11. Effects of hydrocortisone and aminophylline on the aggregation of equine platelets in vitro. Page:215—219
12. Multidetector computed tomographic angiography evaluation of micropig major systemic vessels for xenotransplantation. Page:209—214
13. Cytotoxicity of gamma-ray in rat immature hippocampal neurons. Page:203—207
14. Pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokine expression and histopathological characteristics in canine brain with traumatic brain injury. Page:299—301
15. Development of a novel diagnostic test for detection of bovine viral diarrhea persistently infected animals using hair. Page:295—297
16. Differential brain angiotensin-II type I receptor expression in hypertensive rats. Page:291—293