Volume: 28 Issue: 1

1. Evaluation of mechanical and projective standardization in digital subtraction radiography. Page:215—224
2. The relationship between the TMJ internal derangement state including rotational displacement and perforation and the clinical characteristics. Page:205—213
3. Radiographic study of mandibular asymmetry. Page:193—204
4. The Effects Of Calcium-Deficient Diet After Irradiation On The Periodontal Tissue Formation In Rat Pups. Page:171—191
5. A Clinical Study Of Temporomandibular Joint Disorders By Using Arthrography. Page:155—169
6. A Radiographic Study of Odontoma. Page:145—153
7. Effects of taxol and ionizing radiation on cytotoxicity and prostaglandin production in KB, RPMI-2650, SW-13 and L929. Page:127—144
8. A Raiologic Study of the Relationship of the Maxillary Sinus Floor and Apex of the Maxillary Molar. Page:111—126
9. The Effect Of Irradiation And Calcium-Deficient Diet On Dentin And Cementum Formation Of Rat Molar. Page:87—110
10. Edge-Detect Interpolation For Direct Digital Periapical Images. Page:73—86
11. Irradiation Effect On The Apoptosis Induction In The Human Cancer Cell Lines And The Gingival Fibroblast. Page:59—72
12. Influence Of Central Panoramic Curve Deviation On The Mandibular Image Reconstruction In The Implant CT. Page:47—58
13. Diagnostic Performance of the Intraoral Radiographs on the Interproximal Dental Caries. Page:37—46
14. A Radiographic study of Fibro-osseous lesions of the jaw bones. Page:27—36
15. Fractal dimension from radiographs of bone as indicatos of possible osteoporosis. Page:17—26
16. An Experimental Examination Of Multimodal Imagine System For Implant Site Assessment. Page:7—16
17. The Diagnistic importance of clinical and radiologic features of the Multiple Cemento-osseous dysplasia. Page:299—311
18. Failure Of Odontogenesis After Chemo-Radiation Therapy For Rhabdomyosarcoma. Page:285—297
19. A Study On The Radiosensitivity And Chemosensitivity Of Kb Cell Line In Vitro. Page:271—283
20. Comparison of Waters' radiography, panoramic radiography, and computed tomography in the diagnosis of antral mucosal thickening. Page:261—269
21. Activation Of H-Ras Oncogene In Rat Salivary Gland Tumors Induced By Dmba And Irradiation. Page:245—259
22. A Study Of Cementifying Fibroma. Page:235—243
23. Accuracy of CT image in measuring the mandible for implant: Effect of mandibular position and gantry angle. Page:225—234