WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing> 2017> 47> 3

Volume: 47 Issue: 3

1. Effects of a Memory and Visual-Motor Integration Program for Older Adults Based on Self-Efficacy Theory. Page:431—444
2. Characteristics and Risk Factors for Falls in Tertiary Hospital Inpatients. Page:420—430
3. Development and Evaluation of a Motivational Interviewing Program for Exercise Improvement in Persons with Physical Disabilities. Page:406—419
4. Development and Evaluation of a Self-Reflection Program for Intensive Care Unit Nurses Who Have Experienced the Death of Pediatric Patients. Page:392—405
5. The Effect of Health Coaching Programs on Self-Efficacy, Health Behaviors, and Quality of Life in Hypertensive People Living in Poverty. Page:380—391
6. Hermeneutic Phenomenological Study on Caring Experience of Spouses of Elderly People with Dementia at Home. Page:367—379
7. Multiple Factors in the Second Trimester of Pregnancy on Preterm Labor Symptoms and Preterm Birth. Page:357—366
8. The Effect of a Movie-Based Nursing Intervention Program on Rehabilitation Motivation and Depression in Stroke Patients. Page:345—356
9. The Effects of Violence Coping Program Based on Middle-Range Theory of Resilience on Emergency Room Nurses' Resilience, Violence Coping, Nursing Competency and Burnout. Page:332—344
10. Development and Validation of the Cancer-Specific Posttraumatic Growth Inventory. Page:319—331
11. Development and Effects of an Instructional Coaching Program Regarding Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder for Elementary School Teachers. Page:305—318
12. Illness Experience of Married Korean Women with Epilepsy. Page:289—304