WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing> 2015> 45> 3

Volume: 45 Issue: 3

1. Effects of Blending Oil of Lavender and Thyme on Oxidative Stress, Immunity, and Skin Condition in Atopic Dermatitis Induced Mice. Page:367—377
2. Wheel of Wellness Counseling in Community Dwelling, Korean Elders: A Randomized, Controlled Trial. Page:459—468
3. Associations of Breastfeeding Knowledge, Attitude and Interest with Breastfeeding Duration: A Cross-sectional Web-based Study. Page:449—458
4. Psychometric Properties of the Korean Version of the HIV Self-Management Scale in Patients with HIV. Page:439—448
5. Development and Application of a Performance Prediction Model for Home Care Nursing Based on a Balanced Scorecard using the Bayesian Belief Network. Page:429—438
6. Factors associated with Self-Rated Health in Metabolic Syndrome and Relationship between Sleep Duration and Metabolic Syndrome Risk Factors. Page:420—428
7. Validity and Reliability of the Person-centered Care Assessment Tool in Long-term Care Facilities in Korea. Page:412—419
8. Experience of College Students on Suicide Attempts. Page:397—411
9. Effects of Silver-Care-Robot Program on Cognitive Function, Depression, and Activities of Daily Living for Institutionalized Elderly People. Page:388—396
10. Symptom Clusters in Korean Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction. Page:378—387
11. Adaptation and Evaluation of the Incontinence Care Protocol. Page:357—366
12. Effectiveness of the Self-determination Theory based a Motivational Interviewing YOU-TURN Program for Smoking Cessation among Adolescents. Page:347—356
13. Effects of a Mobile Web-based Pregnancy Health Care Educational Program for Mothers at an Advanced Maternal Age. Page:337—346
14. Factors Influencing Physical Activity among Community-dwelling Older Adults with Type 2 Diabetes: A Path Analysis. Page:329—336
15. Methodological Issues in Questionnaire Design. Page:323—328
16. Bioethical Approach for Nursing Research -Focused on the Use of Research Ethics Committees. Page:315—322