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Volume: 43 Issue: 4

1. Nurses' Experience of Incivility in General Hospitals. Page:453—467
2. A Meta-analysis of the Effect of Walking Exercise on Lower Limb Muscle Endurance, Whole Body Endurance and Upper Body Flexibility in Elders. Page:536—546
3. Clinical Nurses' Knowledge and Visual Differentiation Ability in Pressure Ulcer Classification System and Incontinence-associated Dermatitis. Page:526—535
4. Effects of Nurses' Social Capital on Turnover Intention: Focused on the Mediating Effects Organizational Commitment and Organizational Cynicism. Page:517—525
5. Economic Evaluation of a Workplace Occupational Health Nursing Service: Based on Comparison with Atmospheric Environment Managing Engineer. Page:507—516
6. Effects of a Family Education Program for Families of Pathological Gamblers. Page:497—506
7. Types of Child Rearing Behavior of Parents during Early Childhood: Q-Methodological Approach. Page:486—496
8. Development and Effects of a Health Education Program for North Korean Preschool Defectors. Page:478—485
9. Development and Effects of a Simulation-based Education Program for Newborn Emergency Care. Page:468—477
10. Accessing Factor Structure and Construct Validity of the Successful Aging Inventory. Page:568—578
11. Effects of a Smoking Cessation Program including Telephone Counseling and Text Messaging using Stages of Change for Outpatients after a Myocardial Infarction. Page:557—567
12. Effects of Gout Web based Self-management Program on Knowledge Related to Disease, Medication Adherence, and Self-management. Page:547—556