WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing> 2012> 42> 7

Volume: 42 Issue: 7

1. Factors Associated with Blue-collar Workers' Risk Perception of Cardiovascular Disease. Page:1095—1104
2. Relationships between Compassion Fatigue, Burnout, and Turnover Intention in Korean Hospital Nurses. Page:1087—1094
3. Development and Psychometric Evaluation of the Resuscitation Self-efficacy Scale for Nurses. Page:1079—1086
4. Effects of a Face-to-face Self-management Program on Knowledge, Self-care Practice and Kidney Function in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease before the Renal Replacement Therapy. Page:1070—1078
5. Modification of Severe Violent and Aggressive Behavior among Psychiatric Inpatients through the Use of a Short-Term Token Economy. Page:1062—1069
6. Effects of Mothers Involved in Dental Health Program for Their Children. Page:1050—1061
7. Individual and Environmental Factors Influencing Questionable Development among Low-income Children: Differential Impact during Infancy versus Early Childhood. Page:1039—1049
8. Job Analysis of Clinical Research Coordinators Using the DACUM Process. Page:1027—1038
9. Geographical Imbalances: Migration Patterns of New Graduate Nurses and Factors Related to Working in Non-Metropolitan Hospitals. Page:1019—1026
10. Effectiveness of Home Health Care Service for Elders after Spinal Surgery. Page:1009—1018
11. Patterns of Anger Expression among Middle-aged Korean Women: Q methodology. Page:1001—1008
12. Prevalence Rate and Factors Associated with Atopic Dermatitis among Korean Middle School Students. Page:992—1000
13. Effects of a School-based Intervention Program for Middle School Adolescent Girls with Depression: As Part of the School Health Services. Page:984—991
14. Translation and Psychometric Testing of the Korean Versions of the Spiritual Perspective Scale and the Self-transcendence Scale in Korean Elders. Page:974—983
15. Evaluation of a Community Health Practitioner Self-care Program for Rural Korean Patients with Osteoarthritis. Page:965—973
16. Development of a Gambling Addictive Behavior Scale for Adolescents in Korea. Page:957—964
17. Effects of Progressive Resistance Training on Body Composition, Physical Fitness and Quality of Life of Patients on Hemodialysis. Page:947—956
18. Development and Evaluation of a Video Discharge Education Program focusing on Mother-infant Interaction for Mothers of Premature Infants. Page:936—946
19. Multilevel Analysis of Health Care Service Utilization among Medical Aid Beneficiaries in Korea. Page:928—935
20. Outcomes-based Curriculum Development and Student Evaluation in Nursing Education. Page:917—927