WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing> 2012> 42> 1

Volume: 42 Issue: 1

1. Statistical Methods to Control Response Bias in Nursing Activity Surveys. Page:48—55
2. Adaptation Experience to Family of Immigrant Women in Multicultural Families. Page:36—47
3. Effects of a Short-term Life Review on Spiritual Well-being, Depression, and Anxiety in Terminally Ill Cancer Patients. Page:28—35
4. Effectiveness of a Motivational Interviewing Smoking Cessation Program on Cessation Change in Adolescents. Page:19—27
5. A Model on Turnover Intention of Chief Nurse Officers. Page:9—18
6. The Protective Factors of Suicide Probability in Religious Male High School Students. Page:1—8
7. Gender Difference in Risk Factors for Depression in Community-dwelling Elders. Page:136—147
8. Effects of an Elder Health Promotion Program using the Strategy of Elder Health Leader Training in Senior Citizen Halls. Page:125—135
9. Effects of Rotated Endotracheal Tube Fixation Method on Unplanned Extubation, Oral Mucosa and Facial Skin Integrity in ICU Patients. Page:116—124
10. A Structural Model for Psychosocial Adjustment in Patients with Early Breast Cancer. Page:105—115
11. Effects of a Home-based Exercise Program for Patients with Stomach Cancer Receiving Oral Chemotherapy after Surgery. Page:95—104
12. Effects of Nurses' Perception of Servant Leadership on Leader Effectiveness, Satisfaction and Additional Effort: Focused on the Mediating Effects of Leader Trust and Value Congruence. Page:85—94
13. Validation of a Korean Translated Version of the Critical Care Pain Observation Tool (CPOT) for ICU Patients. Page:76—84
14. Violent Experiences and Coping among Home Visiting Health Care Workers in Korea. Page:66—75
15. Effects of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program on Mental Health Problems in Children Dealing with Trauma: Focused on Community District Victimized by Oil Spill. Page:56—65