WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing> 2011> 41> 1

Volume: 41 Issue: 1

1. Effects of Heat Therapy Using a Far Infrared Rays Heating Element for Dysmenorrhea in High School Girls. Page:141—148
2. Development of a Measurement of Intellectual Capital for Hospital Nursing Organizations. Page:129—140
3. Analysis of Multi-variate Recurrent Fall Risk Factors in Elderly People Using Residential Assessment Instrument-Home Care: Comparisons between Single and Recurrent Fallers. Page:119—128
4. Effects of Self-Foot Reflexology on Stress, Fatigue, Skin Temperature and Immune Response in Female Undergraduate Students. Page:110—118
5. A Comparison on General Education Curriculum of 4-year and 3-year Nursing Schools in Korea. Page:101—109
6. Verification of Validity of MPM II for Neurological Patients in Intensive Care Units. Page:92—100
7. Effects of Community Health Promotion Project for Garlic Cultivating Farmers Based on Self-efficacy Theory and Community Capacity Building Framework. Page:80—91
8. Factors Influencing Yangsaeng in Elders (Yangsaeng; Traditional Oriental Health Promotion). Page:72—79
9. A Phenomenological Study of Suicide Attempts in Elders. Page:61—71
10. Development and Evaluation of a Web-based Education Program to Prevent Secondary Stroke. Page:47—60
11. Development and Effects of an e-Learning Program in Operating Room Nursing for Nursing Students. Page:36—46
12. A Comparison between Effects of Aroma Massage and Meridian Massage on Constipation and Stress in Women College Students. Page:26—35
13. Effect of an Integral Care System: a Combination of Oriental and Western Care for Older Adults with Degenerative Arthritis. Page:18—25
14. Development and Evaluation of "Hospice Smart Patient" Service Program. Page:9—17
15. Concept Analysis of Patient Safety. Page:1—8