WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing> 2008> 38

Volume: 38

1. Effects of a Breast Feeding Promotion Program for Working Women. Page:843—852
2. Development of a Web-based Senescence Preparation Education Program for Successful Aging for Middle-aged Adults. Page:831—842
3. Effects of Community-based Case Management Program for Clients with Hypertension. Page:822—830
4. Development of an Osteoporosis Awareness Scale for Women. Page:813—821
5. The Lived Experience of Struggling against Illness for Patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Page:802—812
6. Case Management Process identified from Experience of Nurse Case Managers. Page:789—801
7. Development of a Structural Equation Model to estimate University Students' Depression. Page:779—788
8. Re-employment Experience of Nurses Who Have Left the Profession. Page:768—778
9. Meaning of Life in Wives of Alcoholics: Autobiographical Method. Page:758—767
10. Menstrual Attitudes and Maternal Child Rearing Attitudes in Middle School Female Students. Page:748—757
11. The Life of Elderly Women Living Alone. Page:739—747
12. The Mediating Effect of Depression in the Relationship between Muscle Strength of Extremities and Falls among Community-Dwelling Elderly. Page:730—738
13. The Effects of Preemptive Analgesia of Morphine and Ketorolac on Postoperative Pain, Cortisol, O2 Saturation and Heart Rate. Page:720—729
14. Factors Associated with Social Isolation in Older Adults using Senior Welfare Centers. Page:712—719
15. The Effects of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Programs on the Levels of Self-Efficacy for Mentally Disabled Persons. Page:704—711
16. Quality of Life in Low Income Korean Aged. Page:694—703
17. Comparative Study on the Sleep Patterns, Satisfaction of Sleep, and Sleep Enhancement Behaviors between Hospitalized and Non-hospitalized Elderly. Page:685—693
18. Falls Risk Factors of Inpatients. Page:676—684
19. The Relationship between Lifetime Sports Activity Measured with MET and Peak Strain Score and Bone Measurement in College-aged Women. Page:667—675
20. Development of Nursing Key Performance Indicators for an Intensive Care Unit by using a Balanced Scorecard. Page:656—666
21. Factors Influencing Quality of Life in Patients with Gastrointestinal Neoplasms. Page:649—655
22. A Structural Equation Model on Sexual Function in Women with Gynecologic Cancer. Page:639—648
23. Influence of Age, Gender, and Severity on Recovery of Patients with Brain Injury. Page:923—932
24. Effect of a Tooth-brushing Education Program on Oral Health of Preschool Children. Page:914—922
25. Effects of a Strengthening Program for Lower Back in Older Women with Chronic Low Back Pain. Page:902—913
26. The Effects of an Environmental Education with Newspaper in Education (NIE) on the Environmental Concern and Practice. Page:891—901
27. Psychometric Evaluation of the Korean Social Support Questionnaire. Page:881—890
28. Study on the Changes in Limb Circumferences and Muscle Areas of Critically Ill Patients using Ventilators. Page:874—880
29. Factors explaining Quality of Life in Individuals with Coronary Artery Disease. Page:866—873
30. Task Analysis of the Job Description of Gerontological Nurse Practitioners based on DACUM. Page:853—865