Volume: 20

1. Ocular chemical burns following accidental instillation of tinea pedis treatment solution: A report of two cases Page:35—38
2. Cerebellar Hippocampal and Basal Nuclei Transient Edema with Restricted diffusion (CHANTER) syndrome due to antidepressant Page:31—34
3. A case of severe organophosphate poisoning used a highdose atropine Page:25—30
4. A Case of Cobra Antivenom Therapy in a Patient Bitten by Elapid Snake in South Korea Page:22—24
5. Inflammatory cytokines in patients with pesticide poisoning: a pilot study Page:15—21
6. Comparative Analysis of decreased Mental state Patients after Overdose with Sedative-hypnotics Page:8—14
7. Comparison of medical history based diagnosis and urine test using ultra-performance liquid chromatographytandem mass spectrometry in drug overdose Page:1—7
8. Cardiac arrest and severe encephalopathy following e-cigarette nicotine intoxication: a case report Page:82—85
9. Prediction of pathogen positive-culture results in acute poisoning patients with suspected aspiration Page:75—81
10. Characteristics of poisoning patients visiting emergency departments before and after the COVID-19 pandemic Page:66—74
11. Clinical features related to alcohol co-ingestion of deliberate self-poisoning patients visiting the emergency department Page:58—65
12. Rhabdomyolysis induced by venomous snake bite Page:51—57
13. Epidemiology of patients with snake bite or envenomation in emergency department: NEDIS (National Emergency Department Information System) Page:45—50
14. Up-to-date treatment of acetaminophen poisoning Page:39—44