WPRIM Management System> DCMS> Journal of Bacteriology and Virology> 2012> 42> 4

Volume: 42 Issue: 4

1. Detection of Neutralizing Antibody Against Japanese Encephalitis Virus in Wild Boars of Korea. Page:353—356
2. Inhibition of Transfer Infection of Epstein-Barr Virus to Epithelial Cells by Integrin beta6 siRNA. Page:346—352
3. Detection of Adeno-associated Virus from Semen Suffering with Male Factor Infertility and Having Their Conception Partners with Recurrent Miscarriages. Page:339—345
4. Generation and Biological Characterization of a Neutralization-Resistant Mutant of Newcastle Disease Virus. Page:330—338
5. Isolation and Cloning of an ABC Transporter-Like Gene of Haemophilus parasuis and Its Use in a New Diagnostic PCR. Page:321—329
6. Characterization of Bacterial Community Contaminating Floor of A Hot and Dry Sauna. Page:313—320
7. Comparison of the Antibiotic Resistance of Helicobacter pylori Isolated in Jinju Over a 15-year Period. Page:305—312
8. Coordinate Regulation of Vibrio vulnificus Heme Receptor HupA Expression by Cyclic AMP-receptor Protein and Ferric Uptake Regulator. Page:294—304
9. Antiviral Agents Against Influenza Viruses. Page:284—293
10. Cellular and Systemic Interactions of Orientia tsutsugamushi with Mammalian Host. Page:276—283
11. Application of Metagenomic Techniques: Understanding the Unrevealed Human Microbiota and Explaining the in Clinical Infectious Diseases. Page:263—275
12. A Novel PA-X Protein Translated from Influenza A Virus Segment 3. Page:368—371
13. An Universal Approach to Getting Ahead for Influenza B Vaccines. Page:363—367
14. Regulation of Obesity and Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Diseases by Modulation of the Gut Microbiota Through Inflammasome; its Mechanism and Potential for Clinical Use. Page:359—362
15. Bacterial 23S Ribosomal RNA, a Ligand for Toll-like Receptor 13. Page:357—358