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The Western Pacific Region Index Medicus (WPRIM) is a project of the WHO Western Pacific Regional Office in collaboration with several institutions in its Member States. This is the Region's contribution to the Global Health Library (GHL) initiative which aims to extend to all the benefits of the knowledge that is essential to the fullest attainment of health. WPRIM will be deployed and hosted, along with the index medici of other WHO Regions, at the Global Index Medicus portal under the GHL platform, where searches can be conducted individually or simultaneously through a federated search engine.

The creation of an online index of medical and health journals published in Member States of the WHO Western Pacific Region which can be accessed on the Internet thus ensuring global accessibility of medical and health research done in the Region.

To index selected medical/health journals in Member States of the WHO Western Pacific Region.
To create a bibliographic database containing records linked to their full text.
To raise the level of journal publishing in Member States of the WHO Western Pacific Region through a peer-review system.
To build the capacity of participating health institutions.

All journals must be approved by the Regional Journal Selection Committee before inclusion of any of their articles or abstracts in the WPRIM database.

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